Read only if you want a solution for your toddler/kid who hates reading and struggling to add new words to their vocabulary.

Some common reasons behind why children hate reading. (See whether your kid is also facing same situation or not)

  • iPad as a part of bedroom routine.
  • No interest in learning action words like run, jump, play, etc.
  • Can’t able to memorize alphabets.
  • Struggling to pronounce sight words like lake, river, mountain, etc
  • Lazy enough to speak words.
  • Feels uncomfortable with other kids.
  • and the list goes on…

Actually, it’s very hard to recognize why the kid is not a reading lover and the reason behind it…..well you knew it better…after all they are kids.

So, the thing is whatever may be the reason, but we all want our kids to read clear and fluently.

Then what’s the solution???

The solution is to try a formula that helped thousands of children to read fast and fluently and made them super readers.

This Scientifically proven formula for developing reading habits in children had changed the life of a lot of parents. parents like you who are tried of the old tradition of learning and reading. 

Your child is of the 21st century- don’t rely on old techniques for their development. 

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