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30+ Ideas for Kids (Toddler) Indoor Activities with stuff you already have

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As a parent of a toddler, you have been always wondering which activity can keep my toddler busy?

Moreover, most of the indoor activities suggestions by different kid’s website needs things that are probably you don’t have in your house. To solve this problem, today I brought a list of indoor activities for the toddler that can be performed at home and with the stuff you already have in your house.

This article includes more than 30 indoor fun activities for a toddler that can be done with ease and help you to engage your toddler in an activity.

It doesn’t matter whether it is wintertime, summer vacations, or rainy days; the activities I am going to tell you will keep your toddler busy and entertained indoor.

Without wasting any more time let’s dive in for exciting indoor toddler activities.

List of 30+ indoor toddler activities.

  1. Doll bed

This is an activity that will develop caring behavior in your child.

Stuff needed for this activity:

Large cardboard box

Towel or old bedsheets

Old baby blanket

Small pillow

You need to make a bed for the doll using a cardboard box and then put a towel or bedsheets as bedding inside the box. If possible, put an old baby blanket that you already have a doll’s blanket. Also, if you have an old baby pillow then use it as a doll’s pillow.

Your toddler going to love this arrangement, he/she will be busy inputting the doll to sleep and waking up her. Most importantly your toddler will take care of the doll- which is a good sign as a human being.

2. Tape city

Don’t forget to make sure that tape is easy to remove from the floor and carpet. It is advisable to test tapping on a small area and check whether it removes easily or not and also check for marks left by the tape on the floor/carpet.

Stuff needed for this activity:

Masking tape

Toy cars

Use masking tape to form a small roadway on the carpet of the floor. Then let your toddler drive the toy cars on the roadway. Your toddler will be enjoying riding the car and will spend time in this activity.

If your child is older than toddlers then you can add shops, parking lots, shopping malls, schools, and other places- where they can take a stop. This will be proven more interesting and engaging to your kid.

3. Sheet day

Whenever the day comes on which you have to change bedsheets in your house- consider it as a sheet day activity for your toddler.

Stuff needed for this activity:


All you need is to give the bedsheets that you are going to change to your toddler. He/she can create tents, houses, or anything he/she can imagine about.  When your toddler is done with playing with bedsheets, you can take them to the laundry room together.

4. Chair maze

  Stuff needed for this activity:


Simply arrange chairs in a maze around the room and let your toddler crawl under chairs or walk over them or do whatever they want. You can give small animal toys to the child and tell them to use chairs as train. Your toddler will enjoy this fun activity and will be busy in this.

5. Texture touch

To perform this activity, you won’t need lots of stuff but yes need few things.

  Stuff needed for this activity:

Material like sandpaper, fabric, cotton balls, fun fur, and other different texture things.

Metal lids from juice cans



You have to cut the different materials you collected in round shapes that can be fitted with metal lids. Now glue the round-shaped cut materials onto the lid. Toddlers will enjoy this just by feeling the texture.

Magnet at the back of the juice cans will allow your toddler to play with them while sitting on a high chair. If your toddler is quite older then you can make two sets and let them match the different materials that are cut down in similar texture.

6. Surprise tins

  Stuff needed for this activity:

Round shaped metal (cookies) tins

Different objects like small magnetic letters, milk bottle caps, small blocks, and so on.

Now fill up the round metal tins with different objects you collected. Put all magnetic letters in one tin, for another tin you can use bottle caps to fill it, use small blocks to fill up another metal tin, and so on. You can make as many as you want.

After finishing filling up the metal tins, stack them in the cupboard. You can give hint to your toddler about tins in the cupboard or you can wait till your toddler explore the different metal tins kept in the cupboard. Your child will be very enthusiastic about the objects inside the tins.

Let your toddler explore these metals tins one by one and let them spend time doing so. You should help your child to open up the lid of tins if they aren’t able to open them.

7. Ice cube bags

Stuff needed for this activity:

Ice cube trays


3 Ziploc bags

Food coloring

First of all, you need to mix water and food coloring in such a way that it makes 2 ice cubes of the same color. You can use as many as food coloring you want but I recommend 3 (red, yellow, blue) food colors are enough for the activity. Fill the ice cube tray with different colors and keep them in the refrigerator to get frozen.

Once colored ice cubes are ready put red and yellow cubes in one Ziploc bag. In another Ziploc bag put yellow and blue and for the third one use red and blue ice cubes.

Younger toddler will enjoy the movement of ice cubes in the bag whereas older toddlers will be excited to see what happens when two colors get melts/mixed.

This simple ice cube activity is quite interesting for toddlers because of its colors.

8. Sticky feet

Stuff needed for this activity:


Clear contact paper

The first step for this activity is you have to cut down the clear contact paper at least 2 feet long. Then remove the backing and tape the contact paper, sticky side up, to the floor or carpeting.

Once you finished the above steps, let your toddler play on it. He/she can walk onto it, can jump, can dance, or just standing. The fun part for toddlers is every time they make a move, contact paper will make sounds- different kinds of sounds that toddler love.

9. Who do you see?

Stuff needed for this activity:

Plastic mirror (small size)

Box with lid


Colorful construction paper (optional)

This is the activity that your toddler going to love.

You need to glue a small plastic mirror inside the box and then put some photographs of him/her, family pictures, friend’s photos, animal photos from the magazine, and other pictures you wish to recognize by your toddler.

To it make more attractive, you can cover up the box with colorful paper, construction paper, or gift wrap. This will make the box more appealing and attractive to your toddler.

Now close the box with a lid with a mirror and photos inside. Let your toddler explore this box and you can ask him/her “who do you see?”

If you don’t want to use a mirror which breakable then simply glue the pictures inside the box and let your toddler explore it.

10. Bottles & Lids

Stuff needed for this activity:

 Collections of bottles and lids of different sizes

All you need is to collect small plastic bottles. Try to collect them of varying sizes. When you think your collection has enough plastic bottles then it is time to perform the activity.

Just open up all the bottles and lids and mix them. Now tell your toddler to match the bottles with lids. Your kid will spend a lot of time in matching bottles and lids.

Tell your toddler to close the bottle with the lid of the same bottle and once your kid finishes this, then you can tell them to open all the lids. This is a fun way to keep your toddler busy.

11. Keep a Baker’s box in the kitchen

 Working in the kitchen and keeping eye on your toddler is overwhelming. It’s quite difficult to do both things at a time. To solve this problem a large extent, keep a baker’s box in the kitchen for your toddler.

Fill up the box with plastic kitchen toys like a cake pan, plastic bowl, cake rack, muffin tiffin, and so on. The baker’s box for your toddler will keep him/her engaged. You and your toddler will be cooking simultaneously. It will be great kitchen fun for you and the kid.

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