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Super Easy Activities for Toddlers to Keep them Busy

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Whether you are a mama or a daddy, it’s always been a challenge for you to make your toddler perform activities and keep them busy. Children are the boss and they rule the house and you knew it very well. But today you are going to know something that will turn the table.

There are lots of articles available on the internet about toddler activities, however very few of them are helpful to you and your toddler. But today I am going to show you some fun activities for a toddler that are tried by thousands of parents for their toddlers happily.

This article will show you easy indoor activities for toddlers which will not only allow you more time to relax while children are busy playing; but also, these activities will help your kid to learn and memorize letters, numbers, and basic words.

Before we start the article let me tell you that the activities mentioned here will help in the overall development of your toddler.

So, let’s dive in for amazing toddler activities ideas. 

List of indoor activities for toddlers:

  1. Activity Books

If your toddler loves books then it is a great thing for you because books not only keep your toddler playing but they also make a contribution to the educational development of children.

There are so many books available for toddlers and children but I am going to talk about two cool toddler activity books that include Velcro matching and basic writing skills.

A book named “Itty Bitty Activity Book 1” which is available on Etsy and a book called “My First Activity” on Amazon- are popular and fun books for toddlers. Lots of parents are loving them so much because it helped their toddlers to remain busy with books. Go and check it out by clicking on the book names.

Apart from these books, a huge group of parents loves

-wipe clean books

-touch & feel books

-Puzzles books

-wind up car books

-and stories books

to keep their toddler busy and entertained.

Moreover, dry erase activity books, reusable stickers books, and an aqua doodle mat are some book examples that are loved by all toddlers.

Easy indoor activities for toddlers

It is not compulsory that your kid will love a book that is recommended by other kid’s parents because every kid has a different taste. That’s why we created a dedicated article on activity books for toddlers.

Please check out the article about the list of activity books for toddlers by clicking here.

  •  Water Games

Children love playing with water and you are happy with it unless it is wintertime or your kid is sick or gets cold quickly by playing in the water.

Below are a few incredible games related to water to keep your toddler busy in playing.

  • Water balloon
  • Water table
  • Sprinkler to play with water
  • Water guns
  • Window paint linger games

For Window paint linger- get a bucket of water and 2 paint brushes and let your toddlers and paint the sidewalk (no clean-up necessary).

If your toddler is a water lover then you must try these water activities to bring more playtime and enjoyment for your kid.

If you wish to know more about water games, do tell us in the comment box. Moreover, we have placed the best product links(amazon) in the names, you can view them by clicking them.

  • Crafting and finger painting

Crafting: Probably you were already performing craft activities with your kid. Crafting is a great idea because almost every toddler loves playing with paper and colors.

We have found 2 great videos on crafting for toddlers. And they are shared below, press the play button to watch.

Finger painting:  If you have a girl child then finger painting is an activity that she will love a lot. Even boys also love to paint with fingers. If you haven’t tried this yet, then you must give a shoot to it to keep your toddler busy and playful.

Below are a few Finger-painting product links that are loved by parents and kids.

Crayola Washable Finger Paints

Crayola Washable Kids Paint

Melissa & Doug Finger Paint Paper Pad

Crayola My First Finger Paint for Toddlers.

  • Other exciting indoor activities for toddlers
toddler indoor activities

  • Matching socks game

This activity helps your toddler to differentia different colors and patterns.  All you need is a few pairs of socks. Take 5 to 10 pairs of socks and let your toddler match them. Ideally, this activity takes 5 to 10 minutes for your toddler.

  • Back blackboard

It is an activity that is ideally performed before bedtime. Tell your toddler to lay down on the stomach and you start drawing a different pattern on the back with your fingers.

You can draw shapes like circles, rectangles, stars, and others. Ask your toddler to identify the shapes you drew. Moreover, you can also play with letters and numbers also if your toddler had started to recognize these things.

  • Fill and dump activity

 You already knew that toddlers love to fill and empty containers. You will need 2 to 3 empty containers and some objects that are not toxic elements or harmful to your toddler.

Let your toddler empty the container and tell them to fill it again and also you can show them how many objects inside make noise on the shake. Your toddler going to love this activity and will spend time with time.

Now we will see some educational, development, and sensory activities for toddlers. Let’s move on to the step-by-step.

List of Educational and development activities for toddlers

Children start learning by playing and seeing things. If your toddler plays the LEGOS game then he/she probably has started to learn about different colors, counting, and spatial relationships.

It became necessary to include games that help a kid to understand basic colors, letters, actions, and so on. Below are a few games for toddlers that will speed up their educational and overall development process.

  • Shape character

This cute simple activity is ideal for 18 to 40 months old toddlers. In order to perform this activity, you will need scissors and crayons.  With the help of scissors cut the construction paper into different shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and other shapes.

Now let your toddler fill colors in these shapes.

During the process of coloring, teach your toddler a rhyme as follows:

I am Suzy circle, watch me bend

Round and round from end to end.

Tommy triangle is the name for me;

Count on my side: one, two, three.

 Sammy Square is my name;

My four sides are all the same.

This fun and coloring activity will let your toddler recognize different shapes along with a sweet poem. It is worth trying the game for your toddler if he/she has no idea about shapes.

  • Shape hunt

To perform this activity, you will need scissors and construction paper. Cut the paper into different shapes like circles, squares, and triangles.

Now tell your toddler to pick up any shaped piece of paper and look for similar shapes in the house. Things like a doorknob, clock, a plate, wristwatch, desktop screen, and others are the things that need to be found by your toddler.

Don’t underestimate this activity because this is very effective and full of exciting activities for a toddler. Try it today with your child aged 18 to 40 months old.

Toddler activity
  • Circle print

You will need a pie tin, some small circular objects, and construction paper. Start with pouring color in the pie tin and give circular objects like a jar lid or a circled-shaped cut paper to your toddler.

Now show your kid how to dip an object in color and then press it on the construction paper. After you showed them once, then let them repeat the process by own.

  • Pot-of-gold hunt

This activity will develop problem-solving ability in your child.

To perform this activity, you will need masking tape and colored construction papers.

Now cut down colored construction paper into the following shapes.

20 tiny green feet

1 brown kettle

10 small yellow circles

An arch shape with different colors to form a rainbow.

Once you finished up the paper cutting process, tape the yellow-colored circle in the kettle shape to form a pot of gold and hide it anywhere in the house you wish.

Now tape the green feet a few feet apart to form a footpath for your toddler. Make the path that will end up to the pot of gold.

Now convince your toddler about a leprechaun that will lead him/her to a pot of gold. Encourage your toddler to follow footprints and find out the gold treasure.

This activity will keep your toddler busy and build curiosity to find out things. It’s a must activity for every 30 to 40 months old toddler.

  • Indoor obstacle course

This activity will develop an ability to get out from obstacles in your toddler.

You will need a few pillows and blankets to perform Indoor obstacle activities at home.

First of all, find a safe place in the house and set up pillows as obstacles and blankets as a way (or tunnel) to get out.

Now when you finish upsetting things, tell your toddler to reach the endpoint through the way facing the obstacles.

  • Puzzle hunt

Puzzles are the best way to engage kids in the activity. Any jigsaw puzzle is a good choice for puzzle games at home.

To perform this activity, you need to hide one or two pieces of the puzzle in the room and put the rest pieces on the table.

Now bring your toddler in the room and tell him/her to find the missing pieces to complete the puzzle. Remember that you have to hide pieces in a such way that it would be easy for a toddler to find them.

  • Rhyme time

Verbal games are best for developing vocabulary in children. Rhyme time is a game for the same and especially for toddlers.

To play the game you need a magazine with animal pictures and you will also need an object index card.

Now fix or glue the pictures on the index cards. Afterward, show the card to your kid and tell them to identify the animal or picture.

After your toddler identifies the animal picture, tell them to say a rhyming word for the same. For example, if the picture is of a dog, then the rhyming word could be fog. In the same way, for cats, the rhyming words are fat, bat, gat, lat, etc.

Moreover, if the rhyme word said by your kid is not actually a word, then you should not bother about it because you are trying to teach him/her some new words by the game. Keep the fun in the game.

The above-mentioned activities are some fine examples of toddler play games that include educational development.

Apart from these activities, there is a lot of good stuff about the same available in the market. We will publish an article about activity books available on Amazon soon.

Now it,s time to move on to our next section which is about sensory activities for toddlers.

List of sensory activities for toddlers

Modern physiological research has confirmed that the old traditional ways are not effective in teaching a child. Sensory activities are designed in a way that children use all their 5 senses to learn and perform the activity.

These activities help a child to learn when he/she is in direct, concrete, or hands-on experience with the surroundings. Below are some great examples of sensory activities for toddlers at home with the help of sand.

  • Pirate’s treasure

To perform this activity, you need gold spray paint, small rocks, and a sandbox with sand.

You need to paint the rocks and let them dry and once they are completely dry, you can start the activity with your toddler.

Hide the painted rocks in the sandbox and tell your kid to find them. Your child will enjoy finding the treasure in the sand.

  • Roadway

This is an outdoor activity because it can’t be performed inside the house.

You will need a flat spatula, sandbox with sand, small toy vehicles like cars and trucks.

The activity starts by showing your toddler how to draw roads and passenger way in the sand with the help of a spatula.  

Now, you don’t need to do anything, just tell your toddler to make roads and run/drive toy vehicles on them.

  • Sand squiggles

 A white craft glue, construction paper, 1 small spoon, and ½ cup sand are needed to perform this activity.

First of all, teach your kid how to squeeze the glue bottle to drizzle a design onto the paper. Guide him/her to draw fine squiggly lines on the paper.

Now let your toddler sprinkle sand on the picture on the paper with the help of a spoon.

Further, help your child to tilt the paper over garbage so that the excessive sand on the picture falls down and let the picture dry.

You can add glitter to the sand for more creative and wonderful results.

That’s all from the sensory activity section. We will publish more about sensory activities for toddlers and children of different age groups soon. To get notification about the upcoming articles on toddler activity and other related topics, please subscribe to our newsletter.


What activities are good for toddlers?

Indoor and outdoor activities that include physical movements along with sensory activity are good for overall development for toddlers. Parents should choose an activity on the age basis of their toddler. Make sure to pick exciting and full of fun activities.

What activities should I do with my 2-year-old?

Coloring, crafting, rainbow toast, hide a box, finger painting are some fine examples of activities to be done with your 2-year-old. Moreover, it totally depends on your 2-year-old and you, but more on the kid. If he/she like outdoor activities then go for it else you can try indoor activities.

How do I keep my toddler busy?

Try to engage your toddler in different activities like coloring, painting, water games, sensory activities, musical games, crafting, and outdoor activities. The more you try the various activities with your toddler, there are more chances that your toddler going to love a few activities and he/she will remain busy in those activities. Also, you can try children’s videos or online games if your toddler is not interested in performing the activities.

Things to play (activity) in the car

Road traveling with your kid can be wonderful or a headache depends upon what kind of your kid is? If he/she loves to travel then there is no problem otherwise there could be lots of irritating moments are waiting for you.

Below are some ideas that you can implement in your car travel with your toddler.

  • Animal sounds

It is a simple game with a simple rule. Tell your child to make the sound of the animal which he/she sees from the car. For example, a dog is spotted then-toddler will make the sound of woof woof…..

It is a good car game if you are traveling through country areas. Your toddler will remain busy spotting animals and making sounds of them. You too can participate and your kid is going to love it.

  • On the road

This activity is a fun way to keep your toddler busy in the car traveling. All you need for this activity is a metal tray where the magnet sticks well, a few toy cars, and adhesive magnet discs.  

Now attach the magnet at the bottom of the toy car and let your toddler drive them on the metal tray. You can help them by drawing the roadway on the tray. Your toddler will keep driving the toy car on the tray and you busy driving the real car.

The bottom line

 So, we are at the edge of finishing this detailed article on toddler activity. you have seen many activity ideas here that include indoor toddler activity, educational activity, development activity, sensory activity, and car activity.

You can try these activities one by one to find out which suits best to your toddler. We will keep bringing new ideas for keeping your toddler busy. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for an update on the latest posts about toddlers and parenting.

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